Ed Cortez

God has blessed Gethsemane in many ways, but perhaps the most vital is the people He has led here.  People are important to use because people are important to Him.  God works His plan through people, and it is obvious that He is at work in our church.

As I visualize this great congregation, I am amazed at our members’ love and devotion to the Lord, and to each other.  Each of us comes from a life of varied experiences and backgrounds, but God has called us together to be Gethsemane Baptist Church.  Each member represents a piece of the puzzle that God is putting together here.  Each person represents a set of talents and spiritual gifts that God has called to be used for ministry.  Every time a new person joins our church family, our church will never be the same again because of the difference that person will make in our church family and ministry.  Most importantly, each face represents a soul that was so important to Christ He gave His life for that person.

Without a doubt, it is our unity and warm fellowship in the Lord that makes our congregation so unique.  We have one purpose and one vision from the Lord, and that is to reach our community and area for Jesus Christ.

It is all because of HIM,

Ed Cortez